CFF From Bohemia's Woods and Fields
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: From Bohemia's Woods and Fields


Creator: Ian Woodward


Genre: Documentary Film


Length: 29:00


Description: This documentary, filmed in Bohemia, uncovers the amazing story of Bedřich Smetana (1824-1884), the great Czech composer of the operas Dalibor and The Bartered Bride and of the epic orchestral suite  Vlast (“My Country”). It reveals how, extraordinarily, he wrote some of his most beautiful music during the last decade of his life when he was completely deaf and why he ended his life in a Prague mental asylum and was given a State funeral…an occasion which was marked as a day of national mourning throughout Bohemia. The underlying theme of the film is of how an artist can successfully overcome a profound disability and find worldwide recognition. 


CFF Awards: Best Documentary, Best Costumes and Props, Best Hair and Make-up


Other Awards:  The Best Film of the Festival: The Gold Cineman Trophy (The Melbourne International Movie Festival, Australia), Special Prize (The Tallinn International Festival of Film Makers, Estonia), The Mayor of Litomyšl Special Award – Smetana was born inLitomyšl (The Litomyšl Lily Film Festival, Czech Republic), 3-Star Award (BIAFF, United Kingdom), Best Cinematography (The Seoul International Film Festival, South Korea), Gold Medal of the Union Internationale du Cinéma (The Moravian Arts Film Festival, Czech Republic).



Ian Woodward (Director, Screenplay, Editor, Cinematographer)

Encore Films (Producer)

Beth Mayoh (Narrator and Zofie Schwarz)

John Hedges (Bedrich Smetana)

Chris Radley (Vaclav Zeleny)

Kieron Fahy (Frantisek Moucha)

Phil Sayer (Josef Bohuslav Foerster)

Martin Serry (Frank Liszt)


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