Christian Book Award Contest 2017
CBA Award Winners for 2017!


Below are the CBA award winners and award posters for 2017!


There are still 2 contests to go - September 2017 ongoing and December 2017 has not started!

CBA Book Award Winners for September 2017:

'Angel on Assignment' by Wanda Carter Roush (Author), and Mike Motz (Illustrations):

'GO WEST: 10 principles that guided My Cowboy Journey' by Jeremy Sparks:

'My Cousin Lili' by Any Lightfoot (Author), Sally Lightfoot (Author), and Teofilo Padilla (Illustrations)

'Christian Film Stars: Interviews with the Best' by Lisa Stillwell:

CBA Book Award Winners for July 2017:

'Joe Louis is Coming to Town' by Leonard Varasano:

'When Tragedy Strikes' by Laura Diehl: