Christian Book Award Contest Winner


Title: MOMO


Award: Gold Medal for Teen: Fiction

Author: Kevin M. Kraft


Age: Teens ages 13+


Genre: Inspirational Thriller


Synopsis: A Father, a son, and something else!!  This inspirational thriller is set on the plains of present day Missouri!  In this story a father named Mark and his son Evan team up to defend their town from the Missouri Monster, a legendary and ferocious Big Foot type monster! 


Award-winning Review: ‘MOMO’ is an award-winning Christian Inspirational thriller by Keven M. Kraft!  This story is set on the plains of present day Missouri!  In this action-packed adventure a Teen named Evan and his father Mark team up to defend their town from the ferocious Missouri Monster (MOMO), a Big Foot type creature bent on destruction!  The book was well written with a great plot, character development, and just the right amount of Christian influence!   The descriptions of the monster and the encounters with it are described perfectly!  This unique Christian novel is a page turner – and once you start reading, you won’t be able to put it down!!  Congratulations Mr. Kraft, this is a wonderful book for teens and was very well written!  God bless.  CBA 


Christian Book Awards: Gold Medal Teen


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