A Lost Heaven
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: A Lost Heaven


Creator: Tobias Bieseke


Genre: Soundtrack


Length: 17:10


Description: In this film the world has changed.  The Earth's rotation has slowed.  Days and nights seem endless , resources are scarce. People lose hope and morale.  The society becomes increasingly isolated . One night, crossing the paths of three women and a little boy at a lonely gas station middle of nowhere ..


CFF Awards: Best Soundtrack, Best Soundtrack Fan Favorite




Other Awards: Cutting Edge Film Festival (Best Spiritual Film), Erie International Film Festival (Best spiritual Film)



Tobias Bieseke (Director, Writer)

FH-Dortmund (University) (Producer)

Natascha Manthe (Key Cast)

Artur Michailov (Key Cast)

Dana Cebulla (Key Cast)

Anne Bassiner (Key Cast)


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