A Piece of God's Plan
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: A Piece of God’s Plan

Creator: Samantha Osburn


Genre: Documentary


Length: 24:12


Description:  A Piece of God's Plan is about the special education program offered at Immaculate Conception Catholic School in Augusta, GA.


CFF Awards: Best Documentary, CFF Inspire Award (For the Immaculate Conception Catholic School ICCS in Augusta, GA, which developed and implemented an outstanding special needs children's education program!)




Other Awards: TBD



Samantha Osburn (Director, Producer)

Megan Manning (Editor)

Chad Brock (Director of Photography)

Derrick Attwater (Original Music)

Terry Schroth (Camera Operator)

Eliot Schager (Production and sound)

Allison Palfy (Special Thanks)

Tabitha Stone (Special Thanks)

Chloe Prestiphilippo (Special Thanks)

Preethi Maniam (Special Thanks)

Mary Katherine (Special Thanks)

Sheri Osburn (Special Thanks)

Children, Parents, Faculty & Staff of ICCS (Special Thanks)


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