A Step Beyond
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: A Step Beyond

Creator: Ryan Murchison

Genre: Student Film

Run Time:36: 07

Descritption: Two friends, after their car breaks down and they try to get back through town by cutting through a forest, have to choose which path, good or bad!

CFF Awards:Best Student Film, Best Actor Supporting (Jack Rochelle),Best Actor Fan Favorite (Kenyai O'Neal), Best Song (Christ is the Way - Evan Edwards), Best Special effects, Best Villain (Matthew Buren), Best Villainess (Amy Norvell)

Other Awards:


Ryan Murchison (Writer, Director, Editor, Producer)

Kenyai O'Neal (Key Cast - Jacob - Best Actor Fan Favorite Award)

Jack O'Neal (Key cast - the Angel - Best Actor Supporting Award)

Matthew Buner (Key cast - Nick - Best Villian Award)

Amy Norvell (Costumes. Key Cast - the Temptress - Best Villainess Award)

Evan Edwards (Best Song Award - Christ is the Way)

Award Picture: