A Vision of Destiny
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: A Vision of Destiny


Creator: Christine Giles


Genre: Documentary Film (Also entered as a soundtrack)


Length: 24:27


Description: 'A Vision of Destiny' is a documentary film highlighting the work of an American woman in the slums of Kampala, Uganda. Cariana Nash Karugireyo sees unlimited potential in the children of Uganda. Her vision is to build a world-class international school.


CFF Awards:  ‘Best Documentary’, ‘Best Soundtrack‘, the CFF ‘Good Samaritan Award’ for Cariana Nash Karugireyo and the film which best shows sacrificial giving, ‘Best Producer Fan Favorite’, ‘Best Director Fan Favorite’, ‘Best Writer Fan Favorite’, and ‘Best Documentary Fan Favorite’


Other Awards: TBD



Josiah Zumwalt (Director, Writer, Camera Operator, Editor)

Christine Giles (Writer, Producer)

SilverGirl Films (Producer)

Eric Guthrie (Producer)

Cariana Karugireyo (Key Cast)


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