CFF Ad Nauseam
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Ad Nauseum


Creator: Ioannis Vougioukas


Genre: Script / Student


Pages: 8


Description: This short student script tells the story of a brother, his sister Mary, and her boyfriend.  The brother loved his sister more than anything but was possessive.  One day the possessive brother sees his sister walking along the cliff-side with the boy and runs to separate them.  When he breaks them up and  pushes them apart she falls off.  The brother jumps off the save her and has her hand, but in the end they both end up going over and dying.  In the script the brothers soul is trapped there reliving this scene as a punishment for causing his sister’s death.  At the end he is sitting there crying and the boy friend of his sister sees him and asks how this could be.  The Brother explains everything and his punishment.   The boyfriend explains to him he should not be sad, because he died trying to save his sister, which was good.  When the boy realizes he sacrificed himself for his sister, God releases him from his punishment and his spirit goes to heaven! 


CFF Awards: Best Student Script, Best Script Fan Favorite


Other Awards: TBD



Ioannis Vougioukas (Writer)


Award Poster: