CFF Adoration
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Adoration: A Natural History


Creator Ian Woodward


Genre: Advertisement / Trailer


Length: 2:10 Trailer / 22:44 Movie


Description:  An award winning short film by Mr. Ian Woodward and ENCORE Films.  ‘Adoration’, a wildlife docudrama by lifelong English naturalist Ian Woodward, FZS, is a portrait of the countryside seen through the seasons, its fauna and flora, and through the eyes of Nature Woman. (FZS = Fellow of the Zoological Society of London.) Although ‘Adoration’ is ostensibly a film about the seasons, there is also a hidden religious message. The film strives to show that nature is every bit a place of worship as a cathedral made in stone. ‘Adoration’, the film’s title, stems from the religious sense: an aspect of worship. The film’s heroine, Nature Woman, feels “at one” with both God – hence the Crucifix that is always close to her – and the natural world around her. It is accompanied by beautiful, inspiring music and the filmmaker’s screenplay-in-verse. Nature Woman, played by London-based actress Kim May, is the physical embodiment of the film’s imagery and sentiments. You are going to be truly amazed when you see this nature film which has awesome close-up scenes of all the birds and animals and plants that are found in nature, and acknowledges that God created them for us to enjoy! This wonderful educational film was Written and Directed by Mr. Ian Woodward, Camera and Editor Mr. Ian Woodward, and Stars Ms. Kim May as Nature Woman. Ms May, the film’s London-based singer-actress has dazzled British theatre audiences as Dorothy in ‘The Wizard of Oz’. Although best-known for her starring roles as Kate/Lois Lane in Cole Porter’s classic musical ‘Kiss Me Kate’ and as the fading Hollywood star Jessica Cranshaw in the Kande-Ebb musical ‘Curtains’, she is also a gifted and prolific songwriter with many recordings to her name. Encore Films were thrilled when she agreed to write the theme song for ‘Adoration: A Natural History’. Called simply ‘Adoration’, and sung by Kim herself, it appears over the film’s title credits. She flew to Holland to record ‘Adoration’ at a recording studio in Rotterdam. There the song was produced and mixed by long-time collaborator and music associate Victor Summers who also co-wrote with Kim May the film’s instrumental end-credits music. Other credits: DVD Design by Ms. Stefanie Woodward, Poems Narrator Ian Swann, Location Manager Anita Krasna, Sound by Elmer Goldman, Sound Assistants Paul Richardson, Alex Russell, Cara Cairns, Theme Song and End Credits Music by Victor Summers and Kim May, Lighting Mario Belmondo, Make-up Ceila Olivier, Wardrobe and Props Zenka Woodward, Production Runners Lon Callard, Freddie Goldsmith, Alana Hardie, Paul Richardson, and MariaSheherlis! Special thanks was given to Cliff Howell (Compukare Solutions), Charlie and Barbara Wray (Wayside Farm Kings Langley), and finally Phillip Woodward!


CFF Awards: Best Trailer, Best Trailer Fan Favorite


COLFF Awards: Best Short Film, Best Director (Ian Woodward), Best Producer (Encore Films), Best Actress (Kim May), Best Music-Sound (Vctor Summers & Kim May).


Other Awards: Award of Merit at The Christian Life International Film Festival (Ontario, Canada), Award for Filmmaker’s Contribution to Czech Video Culture at The VideoCulture Fest (Prague, Czech Republic), Bronze Medal at The Walser Film Days International Film Festival (Wals-Siezenheim, near Salzburg, Austria), The Percy Childs Award for Creative Innovation to Film (The Moravian SeniorForumFilm Festival, Kroměříž, Czech Republic), First Prize in the Special Attention Award of the Jury at The International Film Festival “Steps” (Kharkov, Ukraine), Honourable Mention at The Moravian ARSfilm Festival - Arts Film Festival (Kroměříž, Czech Republic), Special Diploma at The Tallinn International Festival of Film Makers (Tallinn, Estonia).



Ian Woodward (Director, Screenplay in verse, Camera, Editor)

ENCORE Films (Producer)

Kim May (Key Cast - Nature Woman, Singing the Theme Song)

Victor Summers (Music)

Zenka Woodward (Wardrobe, Props)

Stefanie Woodward (DVD Design)

Celia Olivier (Make-up)

Mario Belmondo (Lighting)

Ian Swann (Poems Narration)

Anita Krasna (Location Manager)

Elmer Godlman (Sound)

Charlie and Barbara Wray (Wayside Farms)


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