Bells on the Western Front
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Bells on the Western Front


Creator: Franco DeMarco


Genre: Feature Film


Length: 1 hour


Description:  The focus of this film is very much on the human side to the war and those who fought it. As the bells of Christmas Eve resound across the trenches from a nearby church, the soldiers on both sides defy the Generals' commands to continue battle and, in an act of resounding humanity, emerge from the opposing trenches to call a truce that history will never forget.


CFF Awards: Best Feature Film (Franco DeMarco), Best Producer (Franco DeMarco, Margherita DeMarco, Cathy Branson, Daren Hembrow), Best Actor (Edward Llewelyn - William), Best Actress (Dreena Morgan Harvey - Catherine), Best Actress Supporting (Sara Manchip - Mary), Best Cinematography (Franco DeMarco), Best Costumes and Props (Franco DeMarco), Best Movie Fan Favorite (Franco DeMarco), Best Actor Fan Favorite (Edward Llewelyn - William), Best Actor Supporting Fan Favorite (Mark Thomas - The Sergeant, Piers Morgan Harvey - Fritz), and Best Actress Supporting Fan Favorite (Sara Manchip - Mary)! 




Other Awards: TBD



Franco DeMarco (Director, Producer, Camera, Editing)

Holly Tree Productions (Producer)

Margherita DeMarco (Executive Producer)

Cathy Branson (Executive Producer)

Daren Hembrow (Executive Producer, Crew)

Edward Llewelyn (Key Cast - William)

Dreena Morgan Harvey (Key Cast - Catherine)

Sara Manchip (Key Cast - Mary)

Meyrick Sheen (Key Cast - Field Marshal)

Tim Pottinger (Key Cast - Lieutenant)

Piers Morgan Harvey (Key Cast - Fritz)

Brian Willis (Key Cast - Army Chaplain)

Mark Thomas (Key Cast - Sergeant)

Wayne Mcann (Key Cast – Sergeant Major)

Emlyn Williams (Cast – Corporal)

Anne Peleshi (Cast – Neighbor)

Dane Ritchie (Cast – Friend)

Simon Lloyd (Cast – Friend)

Mario DeMarco (Cast – Recruitment Corporal)

Gareth Blythe (Cast – Infantry Corporal)

Gary Humphries (Cast - German Officer)

John Thomas (Cast - Lieutenant General)

Jeremy Johns (Cast - Brigadier)

John Bets (Cast – Brigadier)

Rod Hughes (Cast – Lieutenant Colonel)

Mark Williams (Cast – Priest)

Allison Pugh (Cast – On Platform)

Katrina Sutton (Cast – On Platform)

Martin Sleeman (Cast – Train Driver)

Martin Cruickshank (Cast – Guard)

Max Lambden (Cast – German Corporal)

Tom Williams (Cast – Private)

Geof Coates (Cast – Soldier)

Rob Joet (Cast – Soldier)

Joel Williams (Cast – Soldier)

Jonathen Penhale (Cast – Soldier)

William Rees (Cast – Soldier)

Ryan Bowen (Cast – Soldier)

Serkan Seyinar (Cast – Soldier)

Peter Russell (Cast – Soldier)

Sion Page (Cast – Soldier)

Jeff Sandles (Cast – Soldier)

James Buckley (Cast – Soldier)

David Sharman (Cast – Soldier)

Chris Bowen (Cast – Soldier)

Richard Grigg (Cast – Soldier)

Jack Davis (Cast – Soldier)

Jack Patrick (Cast – Soldier)

Dewi Jones (Cast – Soldier)

Archie Scott (Cast – Soldier)

Martin Preece (Cast – Soldier)

Jack O’Hare (Cast – Soldier)

Ryan Ellis Dark (Cast – Soldier)

Dale Morgan (Cast – Soldier)

Jason Turner (Cast – Soldier)

Kieran Lancey (Cast – Soldier)

Scott Thoams (Cast – Soldier)

Carl Ryan (Cast – Soldier)

Paul Harris (Cast – Soldier)

Lawrence Bartick (Cast – Soldier)

Chris Knotts (Cast – Soldier)

Mike Harris (Cast – Soldier)

Robert Pearson (Cast – Parishioner)

Carole Pearson (Cast – Parishioner)

David Jones (Cast – Parishioner)

Heulwen Jones (Cast – Parishioner)

Leighton Jones (Cast – Parishioner)

Elaine Willaims (Cast – Parishioner)

Michael Rainey (Crew)

Peter Williams (Crew)

Rachel Dineen Mabe (Crew)

Brya Waterford (Crew)

David Williams (Crew)

Paul Harris (Crew)

Margaret Hembrow (Crew)

Pamela Dineen Sandles (Crew)


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