Between ashes and hope
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Between ashes and hope


Creator: Desmond Denton


Genre: Feature Film


Length: 1:20


Description: For a young preacher and his wife life seems to be heaven. An unexpected turn unexpectedly changes matters for the worse. Jan, the preacher, looses his wife and unborn child to TB. His life is turned upside down. He stops preaching, lives a hermit, and hides from society. The church doors are locked. A new social worker, Petra arrives on the farm with the challenge of addressing the social ills of the community. Petra suddenly finds herself immersed in a very serious problem. A young child, Lucky, draws her in, as she tactfully tries to address the problem of abusive homes, alcoholism and the threat of TB in the community.   The young boy finds his way - not only into her heart, but into the troubled life of Jan. And takes Petra with him. ‘Tussen as en hoop’ brings forth the light of true forgiveness; this - and finding hope in the midst of despair.


CFF Awards: Best Foreign Film, Best Director (Albert Maritz, Desmond Denton, Jonathan Myburgh), Best Actor (Andrea Sameuls – Jan), Best Actress (Charlene Truter - Petra), Best Actor Supporting (Andre RossouwMosie), and Best Actor Teen (Jumaine Hansen – Lucky)!




Other Awards: TBD



Desmond Denton (Director, Writer)

Albert Maritz (Director)

Mauritz Grundlingh (Producer)

Mario Denton (Producer)

Charlene Truter (Key Cast)

Andre Samuels (Key Cast)

Andre Rossouw (Key Cast)

Riaan Vlsman (Key Cast)Brendon Daniels (Key Cast)

Waldemar Schultz (Key Cast)


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