CFF Bully's Bane
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Bully’s Bane


Creator: James & Joshua Broadwater


Genre: Feature Film


Length: 1:55


Description:  Bully's Bane is the story of a group of teenagers who turn to their friend, Joshua Brogan, to teach them how to defend themselves against a violent drug gang at school. When the gang turns out to be connected to a crime syndicate kingpin who Joshua's law enforcement father and his team are after, the father and son begin working together to bring the whole operation down. While there is lots of marital arts action and gunplay, the team learns that evil truly is powerless if the good are unafraid, and that some fights can only be won with the Gospel - the most powerful weapon of all!



CFF Awards:

Best Feature Film

Best Director (James & Joshua Broadwater)
Best Actor (James Broadwater)
Best Actress (Sabra Temple)
Best Actor Supporting (All other Actors)
Best Actress Supporting (All Other Actresses)
Best Actor Teen (All Teen Actors)
Best Actress Teen (All Teen Actresses)
Best Actor Child (All Child Actors)
Best Actress Child (All Child Actresses)
Best Villain (All Bad Male Criminals)
Best Villainess (All Bad Female Criminals)
Best Soundtrack (Anna Ivanov, Caitlin Foster, Elisa Walker, and Sterling
Best Actress Fan Favorite (Sabra Temple who is fearless in confronting the bad people)
Best Actor Teen Fan Favorite (Joshua Broadwater who rallies the kids against bullies




Other Awards: TBD



Joshua Broadwater (Director, Writer, Key Cast)

James Broadwater (Director, Writer, Producer, Key Cast)

Garrison Gregg (Key Cast)

Sabra Temple (Key Cast)

Dwaine Slay (Key Cast)

Lelane Broadwater (Key Cast)

Ethan Benson (Key Cast)

Lena Harper (Key Cast)

Chandler Crotchett (Key Cast)

Trevon Summerville (Key Cast)

Russ Dubose (Key Cast)

Lesley Mukoro (Key Cast)

Nichole Jackson (Key Cast)

Roman Kyle (Key Cast)

Nickilos Ovard (Key Cast)

Zandry Bullock (Key Cast)

Sterling Maffe (Score)

Anna Ivanov (Score)

Caitlin Foster (Score)

Elisa Walker (Score)


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