By His Stripes
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: By His Stripes


Creator: Stephen C. Bortsalas


Genre: Short Film


Length: 31:00


Description:  A chronicling of the final hours of Jesus' life following him through the crucifixion, resurrection, ascension, and flashbacks revealing the message behind the man.


CFF Awards: ‘Best Short Film’, ‘Best Director’ for Stephen C. Bortsalas, ‘Best Producer’ for Stavros Bortsalas and Jimmy Smuda, ‘Best Writer’ for Stephen C. Bortsalas, ‘Best Cast’ fofr everyone in the cast, ‘Best Actor’ for Jose Olivencia who plays Jesus, ‘Best Actress’ for Karen Sarkisian who plays Mary Mother, ‘Best Actor Child’ for Ari Smuda and Josiah Smuda, ‘Best Actress Child’ for Bella Smuda, ‘Best Villain’ for all 3 of Michael Saenz who plays Judas, Fritz Beiswenger who plays Caiaphas, and Anthony Kelly who plays Pontius Pilate, ‘Best Soundtrack’ for Steven Burke, Jonathan Pearson, and Will Carter, ‘Best Costumes and Props’ for Jeanie Nye and Beverly Stuart, ‘Best Hair and Make-Up’ for Stephen C. Bortsalas, the ‘CFF Inspire Award’ for showing the resurrection and Jesus telling everyone the Great Commission before the movie ended that was awesome, the ‘CFF Best Mother Award’ for best showing how a mother should act for Karen Sarkisian who plays Mary Mother who stuck with her son Jesus to the end, and finally the ‘Best Movie Poster’ for designing an awesome movie poster! 




Other Awards:

Churches Making Films Film Festival ‘Best Short Film'

Best Shorts Competition 'Award of Merit'



Stephen C. Bortsalas (Director, Writer, Producer, Editor, Costume Designer, Director of Photography, Key Cast)

Stavros Bortsalas (Producer)

Jimmy Smuda (Producer, Key Cast)

Jose Olivencia (Key Cast)

Fritz Beiswenger (Key Cast)

Michael Saenz (Key Cast)

Sean Hart (Key Cast)

Anthony Kelly (Key Cast)

Karen Eckstein-sarkissian (Key Cast

Jana Hart (Key Cast)

Matthan Griggs (Key Cast)

Heather Uster (Production Coordinator)

Jeanie Nye (Costume Designer)

Jonathan Pearson (Camera Operator)

Evan Bartos (Production Assistant)

William Carter (Composer)

Steven Burke (Composer)


Award Poster: