Call of Duty
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Call of Duty


Creator: Barz Noble


Genre: Music Video


Length: 4:49


Description: This hip hop song with a very catchy beat is about spreading the word about Jesus, it is our ‘Call of Duty’ for all Christian’s to let everyone know about how great He is!


CFF Awards: Best Song, Best Music Video, Best Cinematography, Best Special Effects




Other Awards: TBD



Barz Noble (Creator, Singer)

Regal Shine Filmz (A Bahamian Film Company whose mandate is to not only entertain, but also to educate),

Verline Ewing (Director, Writer)

Lily Ewing (Writer)

Ricardo Neeley (Writer)

Hashaun Adderley (Producer)

Ricardo Neeley (Key Cast, Song Lyrics Written)

Todd Marshall Key Cast)

Eldreko Devaine (Key Cast)

Troy Thompson (Key Cast)

Javon Braynen (Key Cast)

Nathaniel Kemp (Key Cast)

Zoltan Johnson (Music Recording and Mixing)


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