Christian Film Festival Award Winner




Creator: Valentine Burkhardt


Genre: Mini-Film


Length: 8:55


Description:  A typical office day: Day after day Christoph builds houses of cards up to a red line above his desk. Each time he reaches the line, the line is set a little higher. His Superior Bob postpones the deadline to the next day in the morning. A big shock for Christoph who wants to become worker of the month again. The day slips through his fingers so he works through the night until he breaks down.   Seconds before the deadline he manages to finish the last house of cards. He gets the promotion and a nailclipper. After he clipped his nails he's escorted to another room full of Triangle Rulers. He tries to pick one up... but it's futile.


CFF Awards: ‘Best Mini-Film’, ‘Best Director’ for Valentin Burkhardt, ‘Best Actor’ for Cristoph Gareison who plays the worker, ‘Best Actor Supporting’ for Jah Pohl who plays the boss, and ‘Best Actor Fan Favorite’ for Cristoph Gareisen who plays the worker! 




Other Awards: TBD



Valentin Burkhardt (Director, Writer)

Dan Franke (Director, Writer)

Stefanie Gödicke (Producer)

Christoph Gareisen (Key Cast)

Jan Pohl (Key Cast)

Stephan Kämpf (Director of photography)

Fynn Große-Bley (Director of photography)

Katja Nguyen Thanh (Editor)


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