Feel The Love
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Feel The Love


Creator: Leonardo Martinez


Genre: Music Video


Length: 4:23


Description: A Music Video that showcases the happiness of when you Feel The Love of God and allow that love in.


CFF Awards: 

Best Music Video (Leonardo Martinez)

Best Song (Leonardo Martinez)

Best Director (Junpei Suzuki)

Best Producer (Matthew Cordero)

Best Choreography (Cedric Botelho)

Best Cinematography (Manuel Velasquez)

Best Performance (All the dancers in the music video - Nami Matsushita, Jennifer Kuehne, Hannah Zlomke, and Sierra Glazebrook)

Best Producer Fan Favorite (Matthew Cordero)

Best Music Video Fan Favorite


Best Song Fan Favorite




Other Awards: TBD



Junpei Suzuki (Director)

Steve "Mr.Migs" Migliore (Executive Producer

Matthew Cordero (Producer)

Leonardo Martinez (Writer, Key Cast)

Cedric Botelho (Choreography)

Manuel Velasquez (DP)


Award Poster: