Fight MS
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Fight MS


Creator: Randy Orr


Genre: Advertisement


Length: 4:30


Description:  Julie Amos was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 23. She fights MS every day and manages to maintain a positive outlook. Julie's story is one saturated with struggle as she battles with the implications of MS and the effects it has on her family. The Amos family has become stronger as a result, and they work to raise money for the treatment needed to save her life. 


CFF Awards: ‘Best Advertisement’, and the following CFF Awards because this film shows how Julie’s family and friends rallied around her to raise money for her cause - the CFF ‘Family Award’, ‘Father Award’, Mother Award’, and ‘Friend Award’ for the festival! 




Other Awards: Forester Film Festival (Community Impact Award, Broadcasting Best of Show Award)



Adam Konger (Director, Producer)

Randi Orr (Producer, Editor)


Award Poster: