Fingerprints of Flood
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Fingerprints of the Flood


Creator: Daniel Barwell


Genre: Educational Film


Length: 1:06:09


Description: An Educational film which shows through the science of Geophysics, Gravity, Magnetism, Satellite Imagery, and advanced computer animation that the Biblical account of the flood happened exactly as recorded in the scriptures.  This fascinating film proves using magnetic fields that there was one large land mass before the flood of the Bible and where it was, using satellite imagary and the shapes of the continents and sea floor canyons to show how the continents moved to their current locations and that the break-up was very quick, and finally uses the rotation of the Earth and gravity to show the reason why the continents that broke away in the Southern Hemisphere moved farther and faster than those in the Northern Hemisphere, like Australia moving half-way around the world, where-as North America and Europe moved very little compared to that!  This amazing film proves that the flood happened exactly the way the Bible recounts, and after watching it you will come away stronger in your faith and belief in God and His word!


CFF Awards: Best Educational Film Fan Favorite, Knowledge Award


Other Awards: REMI Award Winner 2016



Daniel Barwell (Writer, Director, Producer, Animator)

Kai Engal (Background Music)


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