Greater Ground
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Greater Ground


Creator: Ben Mansfield


Genre: short Film


Length: 16:45


Description:  A lonely art student, Mark, is in his final days of his time at University, all the while continuing to Find himself in places and situations that he no longer finds pleasure in. As he moves closer to his final day of his degree, he begins to question if there is more to life than what he is experiencing, and witnesses some poignant occurrences that ultimately alternate the course of Mark's life forever.


CFF Awards: Best Short Film, Best Actor - Manuel Xuereb who plays Mark, Best Special Effects - For the film going from black and white to color after Mark gets saved that was brilliant, Best Salvation Message, Best Foreign Film


Other Awards: TBD



Federico Chini (Director)

Ben Mansfield (Director, Writer, Producer)

Manuel Xuereb (Key Cast)

Julia Camilleri (Key Cast)

Melvin Calleja (Key Cast)

Lakeisha Mansfield (Key Cast)

Tom Poyntz (Key Cast)


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