Hanna is Beautiful
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Hanna is Beautiful


Creator Shira Maeishar


Genre: Student Film


Length: 22:00


Description:   This fascinating documentary tells the story of Hanna, a 37 year old woman living in Israel who effortlessly demolishes all our preconceptions about special needs adults! She shows a moving and philosophical insight into her situation, lives in protective housing, follows her daily routine and hopes for love. 


CFF Awards: Best Student Film, Best Documentary, and the CFF Inspire Award for Hanna whose story of a special needs adult living an independent life is very inspirational!




Other Awards: TBD



Shira Meishar (Director, Writer, Producer, Camera)

Achva Herstik Golomb (Edtor)

Rotem Moav (Music)

Katie Green (Subtitles)

Hanna (Key Cast)


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