Hard Place Servants
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Hard Place Servants...a father’s perspective


Creator: Grant Dixon


Genre: Documentary


Length: 49:07


Description: A father visits his daughter and family who live in an Asian slum on a rubbish dump, where they endeavor to serve the country's poorest. This film relates his journey and the cultural clashes he observes along the way. Extreme poverty and excessive wealth are contrasted, - where for the poor living outside of the official community means they also live without civil support or basic health care. This film gives good insight into the struggles of modern missionaries as they endeavor to reach out and befriend their neighbors, while holding in tension the expectations of traditional churches and western culture. 

Parental Guidance recommended: film includes animal slaughter scenes.


CFF Awards: Best Documentary (Grant Dixon), Best Editing (Grant Dixon), Best Music (Paul Robertson), CFF Inspire Award (Anna and Manu as missionaries), CFF Good Samaritan Award (Anna and Manu  as missionaries), and Best Actress Child Fan Favorite (2 Missionary Girls)




Other Awards: TBD



Grant Dixon (Director, Writer, Producer)


Award Poster: