Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Illumination


Creator: Jeff Akers


Genre: Short Film


Length: 30:38


Description:  Illumination is an Independent Christian film, written, directed and produced, in 2015, by Jeff Akers. This short film advances the Christian film community, with great production. It also contains a suspenseful story line, that leaves the viewer wanting more. The characters quickly come to life, with veteran actor, Shane Willimon, newcomers, Kenya P. and Britney Bracket, setting the pace. Akers also gives a great performance, in addition to creating the movie score, for this project.   Illumination's central focus, brings light to the mindset of unbeliever, Alexander Scott, who continues to deny that God is real. Scott has to embrace the truth about the plot behind modern day technology and the plan to implement the beginning stages of the 666 revolution.  Though the film's central theme is faith-based, it has a new age-technological and SCI-FI appearance.


CFF Awards: Best Short Film, Best Special Effects (Jeff Akers), Best Soundtrack (Jeff Akers), Best Costumes and Props (Jeff Akers), Best Actor (Shane Willimon)




Other Awards: TBD



Jeff Akers (Director, Writer, Producer)

Kenya Permenter (Key Cast)

Darrell Brown (Key Cast)

Robert Sullivan (Key Cast)

Shane Willimon (Key Cast)

Brittney Brackett (Key Cast)


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