Knocingk Granny's Boots
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Knocking Granny’s Boots


Creator: Jonetha Jomae Scott


Genre: Short Film


Length: 16:57


Description:  A loving grandmother tries to teach her ungrateful granddaughter a valuable life lesson and the importance of her name.


CFF Awards: Best Short Film, Best Actress (Tondra Sibley and Tyra Fernandez), Best Actor Supporting (Chris Scott), Best Actress Supporting (Sherry Hurnes and Deborah Williams)  




Other Awards: TBD



Jonetha Jomae Scott (Director, Writer, Producer)

Tondra Sibley (Key Cast)

Tyra Fernandez (Key Cast)

Sherry Hurnes (Key Cast)

Deborah Williams (Key Cast)

Chris Scott (Key Cast)


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