Koinonia with God
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Creator: Tate Hipps


Genre: Educational Film


Length: 21:47


Description: An educational film diving into how to have an intimate relationship with God.  The film explores the elements of Faith, Humility, Thanksgiving, Transparency, and Listening, and does by having strong Christians explain these elements!


CFF Awards: Best Educational Film, Best Cinematography


Other Awards: TBD



Tate Hipps (Director)

The Dwelling Place Ministries (Producer, Credit)

Bill Hodgson  (Wise Counsel)

Jeremy Griem (Wise Counsel)

Mark Linder (Wise Counsel)

Wes Wages (Wise Counsel)

Alex Rubolin  (Music, Vocals)

Emily Finch (Vocals)

Rachel Wamack (Vocals)

Janke Russell (Mixing)

The Smith Family (Appearance by)

Payton Pruitt (Appearance by)

Rising Star Church (Appearance by)

McKenzie Lockhart (Appearance by)

Yolander Joyner (Appearance by)

Sally Stone (Appearance by)

Will Martin (Appearance by)

Jake Elliff (Appearance by)

Gayther Watts (Appearance by)

Anna Tidmore (Appearance by)

Mark Linder (Appearance by)

The Ark (Appearance by)

Noah Tidmore (Key Cast)

Justin Aego  (Key Cast)

Jennifer Lasarge (Key Cast)

Patsy Hubbard (Key Cast)

Pastor Rusty (Key Cast)

Kristi (Key Cast)

Kim Clan (Key Cast)

Pastor Clark (Key Cast)

Phil Waldrip (Key Cast)

Lacy and Ryan Host (Key Cast)

Dr McMullen (Key Cast)

Phillip Blevins (Electric Guitar)

Braxton Linder (Drums)

Luke Sego (Keys)

Will Martin (Logo)

Tracy and MaryJo Hipps (Primary Financial Sponsor)

Phil and Patsy Hubbard (Primary Financial Sponsor)

Jerry Phillips (Primary Financial Sponsor)

Epic Church (Primary Financial Sponsor)


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