CFF Lenteblom
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Lenteblom (Springflower)


Creator: Desmond Denton


Genre: Feature Film


Length: 1:10


Description:  A young man named Shaun returns to his home town after several years learning to farm, but experiences difficulties because the community has changed, along with his girlfriend Karen, mother, employer Mr Coetsee, and his old buddy Papsak.  Lenteblom portrays the dilemma of a man in a community - struggling to stand up against the moral decay of our time.  Lenteblom is a story of hope, where love finds a way to blossom - even in the midst of pain, brokenness and evil.


CFF Awards: 'Best Feature Film’, ‘Best Foreign Film’, ‘Best Actor’ for Brendon Daniels who plays Shaun, and ‘Best Actress’ for Alunchea Julies who plays Karin!




Other Awards: TBD



Desmond Denton (Director, Writer)

Albert Maritz (Director)

Mauritz Grundlingh (Producer)

Brendon Daniels (Key Cast)

Waldemar Schultz (Key Cast)

Mary Daniels (Key Cast)

Chris Majiedt (Key Cast)

Celeste Matthews (Key Cast)

Sherman Pharo (Key Cast)


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