Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Live


Creator: Elena Piskareva


Genre: Short Film


Length: 16:28


Description:  8 women in the ward waiting for their turn to the abortion. They all are of different ages, but they have one thing in common - as it seems, they all have a very good reason to make such a terrible decision. During the easy conversation they are leaving the ward one after another and coming back... After..


CFF Awards: ‘Best Short Film’ for Elena Piskavera, ‘Best Actress Teen’ for Maria Hlopetskaya, ‘Best Actress Supporting’ for Natalya Borisova, ‘Best Message’ for showing how important it is to ‘Choose Life’, and finally ‘Best Actress Teen Fan Favorite’ for Maria Hlopetskaya




Other Awards: TBD



Elena Piskareva (Director, Writer, Producer)

Maria Hlopetskaya (Key Cast)

Natalya Borisova (Key Cast)


Award Poster: