Maggie and the Four Wisemen
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Maggie and the Four Wisemen


Creator: Carrie Lee


Genre: Screenplay


Length: 95 Pages


Description: Every generation of the Sullivan family has had a soldier to protect them and their country. Their sacrifices over the centuries have taken their toll, but the Sullivans have always come out on top, until now. Maggie Sullivan's husband is killed in Iraq. Tension prevails as she cares for a young son with spina bifada, a rebelling teenage daughter and their demented grandmother. Three days before Christmas, her daughter Haley goes missing, and the troops---Maggie's brother Murph, her estranged father Ike, a childhood friend and even her disabled son Conner, come to the rescue.  Together they piece together the clues and go after Haley who has been left alone on by some mischievous teens, drifting at sea on an old sailboat. During their struggles, Conner inspires his family to return to their faith to heal their differences.  This story is a tribute to wounded warriors.


CFF Awards: Best Screenplay, Best Screenplay Fan Favorite




Other Awards: TBD



Carrie Lee (Writer)


Award Poster: