Message of Hope
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Message of Hope


Creator: Tom Lee


Genre: Feature Film


Run Time: 1:34:48


Description: 'Message of Hope' by Tom Lee and BLUESKYMAGIC PRODUCTIONS - this awesome feature film tells the story of 6 teenagers,, Sarah - Michael - John - Billy - Bonnie - Bridgette, from an upper-middle-class background, who are under extreme pressure to be successful from parents and society, but in the end the movie shows that the most important things in life are not material possessions and success, but helping others and knowing Jesus. 


CFF Awards:  'Best Actor Teen' for Sean Tivenen as John Romanelli, 'Best Actress Teen' for Mickele Hogan for Sarah Matriciano, 'Best Actor Teen Supporting' for both Matt Louie and Nic Marcotrigiano, 'Best Actress Teen Supporting' for both Megan Lee Miller and Gabrielle Esposito, 'Best Actor Child Fan Favorite' for Sam Peleaz as Young John, 'Best Actress Child Fan Favorite' for Mackenzie Weatherby as Young Sarah, 'Best Hair and Make-up', and the CFF 'Father', 'Family', and 'Friend' awards! 


Other Awards:TBD



Tom Lee (Executive Producer, Writer, Director)

Doug Heir (Executive Producer)

Erica Barbera (Associate Producer)

Mickele Hogan (Key Cast - Sarah)

Matt Louie (Key Cast - Michael)

Sean Tivenen (Key Cast - John)

Nic Marcotrigiano (Key Cast - Billy)

Megan Lee Miller (Key Cast - Bonnie)

Gabrielle Esposito (Key Cast - Bridgette)


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