Mission Improbable
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Mission Improbable

Creator: Mr. Donald James Parker

Genre: Feature Film

Run Time: 1:57:20

Description:- 'Mission Improbable' by Mr. Donald James Parker and SWORD OF THE SPIRIT PUBLISHING - this awesome feature film tells the story of Matthew, a well to do Pastor in a well to do church, who gives up his fabulous lifestyle to become the Director of a rehab center in Crossville, TN, and by so doing discovers what being a Christian is really all about!  This movie was Produced by Mr. Donald James Parker, Directed by Mr. Matthew Perdie, and Edited by Mr. Darren Dixon.  It stars Mr. Collin Brown, Ms. Julie Tapken, Mr. Mike Tinker, and has a special guest appearance by Ms. Kelly Nelon Clark! 

CFF Awards: 'Best Feature Film', 'Best Actor' for Collin Alexander Brown as Shane, 'Best Actress' Juli Tapken as Susan, 'Best Actor Supporting' Mike Tinker as Matthew Isaacs, 'Best Actress Supporting' Kimberly Richardson as Susan's Mother, 'Best Producer' Donald James Parker, 'Best Director' Matthew Perdie, 'Best Overall Cast', 'Best Villain' Jeff Ailshie as Bubba, 'Best Villainess' Valeria Neal White as Elizabeth Cornwall and Carol Anderson as Elizabeth's Mother, 'Best Song' Quiet Answers by Kelley Nelon Clark, 'Best Salvation Message‘, 'Best Message' for Mike Tinker!

Other Awards: TBD


Donald James Parker (Producer)

Matthew Perdie (Director)

Darren Dixon (Editor)

Collin Brown (Key Cast - Matthew the Pastor)

Julie Tapken (Key Cast - Susan)

Mike Tinker (Key Cast - Shane)

Kelly Nelson Clark (Special Guest Appearance)

Other Cast Members (The film also has in it Cameron Arnett, Carol Anderson, Kimberly Richardson, Ken Dohse, Valerie Neal White, Randall Moser, Omar Lagadoli, Michael Lacour, Dona Botts, Richard Wilson, Jeff Ailshe, David Vandergriff, Doc Benson, Royce Henry, Tony Caudill)

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