Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Muktzeh


Creator:Alon Rabinovitch


Genre: Student Film


Length: 28:00


Description:  Vladimir, a Russian immigrant and would-be actor, dreams of playing the role of Shylock from The Merchant of Venice. One day he meets an old friend who encourages him to search out his Jewish roots. As Vladimir begins to embrace the Jewish traditions, he discovers that the forging of a new identity is far from simple, especially if it involves the sacrifice of the one stable element in his life - his relationship with his wife.


CFF Awards: 'Best Student Film’, and 'Best Actor’ for Mikhail Lehrner who plays Vladimir the aspiring actor, and ‘Best Actress’ for Anna Velikovsky who plays Vladimir’s wife! COLFF Awards: TBD




Other Awards: TBD



Alon Rabinovich (Director)

Elad Ben Zvi (Writer)

Jacob Ben Eli (Produce)

Mikhail Lerner (Key Cast)

Anna Velikovsky (Key Cast)


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