Pass the Light
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Pass the Light


Creator: Malcolm Goodwin


Genre: Feature Film


Length: 1:52


Description: Steve Bellafiore (Palatas) is a very special kid. A bright, religiously devout teen that yearns to become a football starter and works twice as hard as his high school peers to accomplish that goal. Steve's work ethic and kindness radiate through his life. Currently upset by his parents' seeming estrangement, Steve is even more disturbed by the message of hatred and intolerance espoused by Franklin Baumann (Gries), an extreme candidate for Congress. Steve wants to make the point that Baumann's exclusionary and fear-based message has very little to do with his Christian perception of Christ's teachings. In retaliation, Steve announces his own candidacy for Congress. What begins as a tiny movement soon grows into a phenomenon, as people throughout the area - including the most popular girl in school (Deberry) embrace Steve and his Faith Crusade, whose "Pass the Light" campaign unites the community as never before.


CFF Awards: Best Feature Film (Malcolm Goodwin), Best Director (Malcolm Goodwin), Best Producer (Malcolm Goodwin, Victor Hawks, Angie Canuel), Best Writer (Victor Hawks), Best Cast (For the Entire Cast), Best Actor (Cameron Palatas – Steve), Best Actress (Alexandria Deberry – Jackie), Best Actor Supporting (Dalpre Grayer – Willy , Colby French - Pete the Dad, Keith Loneker – Coach, Lawrence Saint-Victor - Trevor, Rafael Noble – Pastor Jones, Richard Hawks – Pastor Basil, Victor Hawks – Freddie), Sean Ryal – Don, Tim Gleason – Dale, Jason Kelley – Jerry), Best Actress Supporting (Milena Govich - Anne the Mom, Anne Winters – Gwenn, Ruby Lewis – Gina Winters, Hilda Boulware – Florence, Janelle Guimarra - Patricia), Best Actor Teen (Lou Wegner – Calvin, David Weil - Randy, Jacob Houston – Brinkley), Best Actress Teen (Rachel Bell – Louise, Brianne Tju – Mary Jane, Samantha Figura – Helen, Julie Sufana – Renee, Brittany Gandy – Candice, Therese Cator - Joyce), Best Actress Child (Camille de Jardins), Best Song ‘Good to be Alive’ (Jason Gray, Brandon Heath, Jason Ingram), and ‘Lost Get Found’ (Britt Nicole, Ben Glover, Brittany Waddell), Best Villain (Jon Gries – Frank the Politician, Charlie DePew - Wes Randolph), Best Villainess (Alexandria DeBerry), Best Movie Poster (Dustin Stanton), CFF Friend Award (Dalpre Grayer friend of protagonist), Best Actor Fan Favorite (Cameron Palatas - Steve), Best Actress Fan Favorite (Alexandria DeBerry - Jackie), Best Actor Teen Fan Favorite (Brandon Eggerton - Francis), and Best Actress Teen Fan Favorite (Anne Winters - Gwen)!




Other Awards: Dove Family Friendly Award



Malcolm Goodwin (Director, Producer)

Victor Hawks (Writer, Producer)

Angie Canuel (Producer)

Cameron Palatas (Key Cast - Steve)

Alexandria Deberry (Key Cast - Jackie)

Jon Gries (Key Cast – Frank the Politician)

Milena Govich (Key Cast – Anne the Mom)

Dalpre Grayer (Key Cast – Willy the friend),

Colby French (Key Cast – Pete the Dad)

Lawrence Saint-Victor (Key Cast – Trevor who works the shelter and helps people)


Award Poster: