Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Pathways


Creator: Stephanie Greene


Genre: Web Series


Length: 16:18


Description:  Pathways is a Web Series about choices and free will, and how it affects our destiny and purpose, The characters in the web series are all on a path, but not all Paths are leading to their destiny and purpose.


CFF Awards: Best Webisode (Stephanie Greene), Best Actor (Jason King – Pastor King), Best Actor Supporting (Fred Wilkins - Hezekiah), Best Actress Teen (Kay Danielle Johnson - Chole), Best Villain (Shawn Hargrove - Big Swoll), and Best Villainess (Angela Clark – Ms. Evelyn)!




Other Awards: TBD




Stephanie Greene (Director, Writer)

Jermaine Moore (Producer)

Robin Fletcher (Producer)

Harry Cobb (Producer)

Robert Townsend (Key Cast)

Fred Wilkins (Key Cast)

Angela Clark (Key Cast)

Mary Mccullough (Key Cast)

Jason King (Key Cast)

Shawn Hargrove (Key Cast)

Theodrick Young (Key Cast)

Joseph Smith (Key Cast)


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