Redemption of the Heart
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Redemption of the Heart

Creator: Mr. Isaac Meeks

Genre: Feature Film

Run Time: 1:37

Description: 'Redemption of the Heart' by Mr. Isaac Meeks and RLT PICTURES - this amazing movie tells the story of Alex Montoya, a young Christian man whose life spirals out of control after he leaves the Faith.  When he reaches bottom, and all hope seems lost, a kind man named Jacob helps him to turn back to Jesus and straighten out his life!  This movie shows us first that no matter what we have done, it is never too late to turn our lives around and come back to God and the Church!  Secondly, it shows us over and over during the movie that as Christians we need to give people second chances and forgive them, because that is what Jesus did for each of us!  The movie was Written and Directed by Isaac Meeks and Sandon Yahn, Music by Todd Maki, Edited by Sandon Yahn, and stars Crister De Leon, Melissa Dixon, David Morales, and Joe Lambert!  The colorist was Dennis Thomas, and songs were by Angie DeNicholas, Antwon King, Mike Lifquist, Mark Musuka, Manuel, Luke Page, and Sean Dee!

CFF Awards: 'Best Actor' Crister De Leon as Alex Montoya; 'Best Actress Fan Favorite' for Melissa Dixon as Elaine Tellez, 'Best Actor Supporting' Joe Lambert as Jacob the Angel, 'Best Music / Score', 'Best Song' Sunrise written by Luke Page and Stan Lee and performed by CITIZEN, and 'Best Villain' Jose Orellano as Carlos.  

Other Awards: TBD

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