Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Scattered


Creator: Cynthia Leon


Genre: Feature Film


Length: 1:45:49


Description: During the reuniting of old college friends at a graduation party, a mysterious force takes hold of their reality. Trapped and  frightened, those chosen are forced to face the dark side of themselves.


CFF Awards: 'Best Feature Film', 'Best Director' for Cynthia Leon, 'Best Producer' for Cynthia Leon and Jared Leon and Fred Cherry, 'Best Actor' for Mike R. Tinker as Eric, 'Best Actress' for Debra Ovall as Bernie, 'Best Actor Supporting' for Raian Stanley as Joshua, 'Best Actress Supporting' for Erin Rose as Monica, 'Best Actor Child' for Shane Scuderi who plays Joshua's Dad when his Dad was a boy, 'Best Actress Child' for Rowan Titus who plays Emma who is Eric's sister, 'Best Villain' for Willem Krumich who plays Chauncy (Tie), 'Best Villainess' Dania Turhagen who plays Rachel, and 'Best Movie Poster' for the 'Scattered' poster.


Other Awards: TBD



Cynthia L Leon (Director, Writer, Producer)

Jared M Leon (Producer)

Col. Fred V Cherry Sr AFUSA (Ret) (Producer)

Mike R Tinker (Key Cast)

Patrick Vann (Key Cast)

Ryan (Raian) Stanley (Key Cast)

Willem Krumich (Key Cast)

Debra Ovall (Key Cast)

Damia Torhagen (Key Cast)

Smitty Chai (Key Cast)

Anastasia Brunk (Key Cast)


Award Poster: