Seriah's Legacy
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Seriah’s Legacy


Creator: Julie M. Kaufmann


Genre: Screenplay


Length: 130 Pages


Description: This screenplay tells the story a teenage girl named Emily and a horse named Seriah who found her way straight to Emily’s heart one evening. As their bond grew, Emily felt she needed to know more about Seriah and of the life she had before she became hers. Finally knowing the truth of her past and of the slaughter of so many wild horses, that were born to be free, Emily made a promise to Seriah to be their voice so that their legacy of freedom is returned to them! This is Seriah’s legacy! .


CFF Awards: Best Screenplay; Best Screenplay Fan Favorite


Other Awards: Hoboken International Film Festival 2015 ‘Best Unproduced Screenplay’


Credits: Julie M. Kaufmann (Writer)


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