Song in the Darkest Valley
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: NYANYIAN Dalam KEKELAMAN (Song in Darkest valley)


Creator: Yusak Kantadjaya


Genre: Short Film


Length: 13:00


Description: A true story about a sound man and musician at Spiritually recording studio . He has plan to leave his ministry, when a traffic accident ruined his life.  What will become of him, after comma during three weeks, lost the ability to speak and paralyzed half of the body? God is a helper for people who can not help himself, and because The Lord's loving kindness, he is become author and Song writer until now.


CFF Awards: ‘Best Short Film’, ‘Best Actor’ for Okan Kornelius, ‘Best Soundtrack’, and finally ‘Best Message’ for showing us how with faith all things are possible (Phil 4:31)! 




Other Awards: TBD



Yusak Kantadjaya (Director, Writer)

Martin Lie (Producer)

Okan Kornelius (Key Cast)

Emil G Hamp (Key Cast)

Gito Gilas (Key Cast)


Award Poster: