The Cokeville Miracle
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: The Cokeville Miracle


Creator: T.C. Christensen


Genre: Feature Film


Length: 1:34


Description: The remarkable true story of a town facing a terrible tragedy and the sheriff’s investigator who struggles with his faith as he gathers evidence that defies earthly explanation. 


CFF Awards: Best Feature Film for T.C. Christensen, Best Producer for Ron Tanner & T.C. Christensen, Best Director  for T.C. Christensen, Best Cast for All actors and actresses in the film, the CFF Inspire Award For showing that prayer works, Best Actor (Tie) for Jasen Wade the Sheriff’s Investigator, Best Actress (Tie) for Sarah Kent the Sheriff Investigator's Wife, Best Actor Supporting (Tie) for Mason Davis the Teacher who makes the masking tape box, Best Actress Supporting for Barta Heiner who plays Verlene Bennion the Teacher who tries to exchange herself for students, Best Actress Teen (Tie) for Caitlin E. J. Meyer the Madman’s Daughter, Best Actor Child Boy (Tie) for Kimball Stinger the Sheriff Investigators Son, Best Actress Child Girl for Alexa Ray the Sheriff Investigator's Daughter,  Best Villain for Nathan Stevens the Madman who tries to blow up school, Best Villainess for Kimberly Mellon the Madman’s Wife, Best Movie Poster for best of festival poster, the CFF Best Message Award for Claudia Hartley who said they knew a miracle had happened that day, and the CFF Good Samaritan Award for people that went back into the school building after they had left to help other victims and risked their safety for others!! 


Other Awards: International Family Film Festival Hollywood Nov 6 2015 Best feature Film



T.C. Christensen (Director, Writer, Producer)

Ron Tanner (Producer)

Jasen Wade (Key Cast)

Nathan Stevens (Key Cast)


Award Poster: