The Faith Kids
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: The Faith Kids: The Image


Creator: Natausha Bushell


Genre: Animated Film


Length: 57:56


Description: When children are lured away by an evil darkness, and come up missing without a trace, God's ordained Hero's including Sam, Samantha, Gwen, and J fight against the wiles of darkness, as the fate of the world hangs in the balance!


CFF Awards: Best Animated Film (Natausha Bushell), Best Actor Child (Antonio Bushell Jr. - Johnathan), Best Actress Child (Alexionna Bushell - Samantha, Jasmine Bushell – Sam, Tottionna Bushell – Gwen), Best Villain (Antonio Bushell – The Enemy), and Best Animated Film Fan Favorite! 




Other Awards: TBD



The Faith Kids (Director)

Natausha Bushell (Writer)

Antonio Bushell (Producer)

Alexionna Bushell (Key Cast)

Jasmine Bushell (Key Cast)

Tottionna Bushell (Key Cast)

Antonio Bushell jr (Key Cast)


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