The Intersection
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: The Intersection


Creator: Corey Graham


Genre: Mini-Film


Length: 5:15


Description:  A man struggling with drug addiction soon finds himself transported to "The Intersection". Which is a stopping point between his world and the next.


CFF Awards: ‘Best Student Film’, ‘Best Mini-Film’, ‘Best Director’ for Corey Graham, ‘Best Producer’ for Albert Del Graham, Lake Davidson, Tanya Graham, Taylor ‘Blue’ Wisely, Matt Kirk, Leif Davidson, and Evelyn Kirk, ‘Best Actor’ for Derek Duncan who plays Scoot, ‘Best Actress’ for Kirby Gocke who plays Jordan, ‘Best Actor Supporting’ for Kyle Wigginton who plays Michael, ‘Best Actress Supporting’ for Ashley Ward who plays the bookkeeper, ‘Best Villain’ for Barry Clifton who plays the evil one, Jeff Riggs who plays the evil assistant #1, and Chase Kirk who plays the evil assistant #2, ‘Best Special Effects’ for JC Cocker for making the glowing eyes of the bad guys and the cool lighting effects at the intersection, ‘Best Movie Poster’ for Jesse Burgener who designed an awesome movie poster, and ‘Best Actor Supporting Fan Favorite’ for Barry Clifton who plays the evil one!  


Other Awards: TBD



Corey Graham (Director, Writer)

Johnnie Brannon(Assistant Director)

Albert Del Graham (Producer)

Lake Davidson (Producer)

Tanya Graham (Producer)

Taylor ‘Blue’ Wisely (Producer)

Matt Kirk (Producer)

Leif Davidson (Producer)

Evelyn Kirk (Producer)

Waid Rainey (Director of Photography)

Kyle Wigginton (Cast – Michael)

Derek Duncan (Scoot)

Barry Clifton (Bad Guy #1)

Kirby Gocke (Cast – Jordan)

Ashley ward (Cast – The Bookkeeper)

Chase Kirk (Bad Guy #2)

Jeff Riggs (Bad Guy #3)

Jason Malik (Audio Engineer, Editor, Extra Cast)

Tyler Hutchins (Boom Operator)

JC Cocker (Key Gaffer)

Coty Greenwood (Script Supervisor)

Cecil Dowdle (Assistant Camera, Extra Cast)

Paul Andrew Bradford (Production Assistant)

Rebekah Swink (Extra Cast)

Tyler Hutchins (Extra Cast)

San Eckels (Extra cast)

Donna Emmit (Extra Cast)

Paul Andrew Bradford (Extra Cast)

Johnny Brannon (Extra Cast)

Jen Gerber (Special Thanks)

Stacee Hargett (Special Thanks)

Second Baptist Church (Special Thanks)

Cindy George (Special Thanks)

Arise Studios (Special Thanks)

Bri Stuepert (Special Thanks)

Univ of Central Arkansas Dept of Mass Communications and Theater (Produced in Cooperation With)


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