The Phoenix: Hope is Rising
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: The Phoenix: Hope Hope is Rising

Creator: Philip Gioja

Genre: Documentary

Run Time: 1:20

Description: 'The Phoenix: Hope is Rising' by Philip Gioja is an impactful documentary about an Illinois homeless shelter called the Phoenx House or C-U at Home which struggles to stay within the law and help as many homeless people as they can.  It was created by Phillip Gioja (Director), Isaac Musgrave (Cinematographer), Ryan Marshall (Production Assistant),Steve Gioja (Drone Pilot), and stars from the Phoenix House Melany Jackson, Tony Contois, Stephanie Lee, and Dan Denton. 

CFF Awards: Best Documentary, Good Samaritan Award

Other Awards: TBD


Philip Gioja (Director)

Isaac Musgrave (Cinematographer)

Ryan Marshall (Production Assistant)

Steve Gioja (Drone Pilot)

Melany Jackson (Key Cast)

Tony Contois (Key Cast)

Stephanie Lee (Key Cast)

Dan Denton (Key Cast)


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