The Separates and the Separation of Church and State
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: The Separates and Separation of Church and State


Creator: Kevan Keane


Genre: Documentary


Length: 19:47


Description: This film details the role of four Baptist preachers in colonial Virginia who played a crucial role in the development of American religious freedom.


CFF Awards: Best Documentary, Best Educational Film, Best Documentary Fan favorite, Best Educational Film Fan Favorite!


Other Awards: TBD



Kevan Keane (Director, Producer, Back-up Camera, Audio)

Nate foster (Camera and Audio)

Thomas Harper (Backup Camera)

J. Alexander Boggs (Backup Equipment)

Aubrey Boas (Backup Equipment)

Dan Allen (With the Talents of)

John Lyttle (With the Talents of)

Samuel C. Smith, Ph.D. (With the Talents of)

Shelley Bailess (With the Talents of)

Garland Tyree (With the Talents of)

Berryville Baptist Church (Special Thanks)

Blue Run Baptist Church (Special Thanks)

Hazel River Inn (Special Thanks)

Jeery  Falwell Library at Liberty University (Special Thanks)

Liberty University Cinematic Arts Department (Special Thanks)

The VAULT (Special Thanks)

James K. Waltz (Special Thanks)

Jonathan C. Hout (Special thanks)


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