The Sereer
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: The Sereer: Desperately trying to please God


Creator: Ken Beale


Genre: Documentary Film (also entered as a soundtrack)


Length: 1: 09


Description: The Sereer people groups live in an ancient culture that was historically steeped in Animism, Voodoo and spirit worship. In the past two centuries modern Islam has taken a stronghold here. The people hold fast to the pillars of Islam. They pray five times a day, they fast during Ramadan, They give to the poor (though they are incredibly poor themselves). It seems they so desperately want to please God, but they don’t know God because they don’t know the truth about who Jesus is.

Short-term missionaries Alton and Barbara Lanier have made many trips to Senegal, each time bringing with them a team of other like-minded believers. Their goal is simple, to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with those among the Sereer who have never heard. They have invested themselves in the lives of the people; building real relationships and becoming like family to them.

Incredibly, in one village they have even been given permission by the chief’s eldest son to teach Christ to the children in the schools. “Perhaps they will be the generation who believes your message,” he said, though he himself professes Mohammed and does not believe in Christ. A door to these hearts, hungry for the gospel has been flung wide open for a season. But it is not clear how long this door will remain open.


CFF Awards: Best Documentary, Best Soundtrack


Other Awards: TBD



Ken Beale (Director, Writer, Producer)

Alton Lanier (Key Cast)

Barbara Lanier (Key Cast)

Jeremy Johns (Key Cast)

John Hinds (Key Cast)

Karen Hinds (Key Cast)

Jessica S Fields (Key Cast)

Shane McMullin (Director of Photography)

Brett Ensley (Original Music)


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