These Three Remain
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: These Three Remain


Creator: Jeanne Dukes


Genre: Screenplay


Length: 97 Pages


Description: After running from heartache for years, Faith, an interior designer in her mid thirties, comes home to reunite with her sister, Kelly, and brother, Shaun, for their mother's funeral. As Faith opens the hope chest she inherits, she is flooded with memories of loss and is finally forced to confront lifelong feelings of abandonment. Meanwhile, Faith meets Peter, a local lawyer who catches her eye. Then, an old high school flame, Nick, tries to reignite the past. In spite of her guarded nature, Faith still wants to fall in love. However, she's quick to misjudge, adding more chaos to her confusion. As her past and present collide, one by one, sentimental items in the hope chest prove to be divinely-timed gifts. A swatch of pink fabric and an old property deed, painful reminders of her deepest childhood wound, are reclaimed and restored to new beauty. A cherished necklace and a hidden scrawled message, once buried in the grief of lost love, lead Faith to a new romance and hope for the future. As she lets go and trusts God, Faith is ready to take bold steps forward. She overcomes her fear and embraces true love. At last, she knows she is truly home.


CFF Awards: Best Screenplay, Best Screenplay Fan Favorite




Other Awards: TBD



Mrs. Jeanne Dukes (Writer)


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