The Thorn, the Music, the Flowers
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: The Thorn, the Music, the Flowers


Creator: Chris Lythgoe


Genre: Short Film


Length: 18:53


Description: The free spirited Scarlet finds herself alone one day when she is involved in an accident. Badly in need of help...then she meets Specter and her life will never be the same as she learns more about herself and him!


CFF Awards: Best Short Film (Chris Lythgoe), Best Actor (Allen McRae - Ralph Specter the Musician), Best Actress (Lesa Cole – Scarlett), Best Actor Supporting (Andy Melchert – Doctor Peachtree, Oz Dillon – Pastor Halo), Best Actress Supporting (Michelle Coakley – Detective Golden), Best Villain (Mark Holmes – Loki the Gang Leader), and the CFF Good Samaritan Award (Allen McRae - Ralph Specter who risks danger by thwarting a robbery)!




Other Awards: TBD



Chris Lythgoe (Director, Writer, Producer)

Lesa Cole (Key Cast)

Allen McRae (Key Cast)


Award Poster: