Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Two

Creator: Benjamin Coffeyy


Genre: Student Film


Length: 6:37


Description:  A boy who obsesses over baseball struggles to mentally operate after being told he will only have two days to live.


CFF Awards: Best Mini-Film (Benjamin Coffey), Best Actor Teen (Andrew Ansah - Emerson and Ryan Boloix - Dominic), Best Song (‘Dust’ by Austin Coffey), CFF Best Friend Award (Ryan Boloix, Andrew Ansah for showing a friendship in the movie), and Best Actor Teen Fan Favorite (Andrew Ansah - Emerson and Ryan Boloix - Dominic)!




Other Awards: TBD



Benjamin Coffey (Director, Producer, Writer)

Caleb Anderson (Producer)

Ryan Boloix (Key Cast)

Andrew Ansah (Key Cast)

Austin Coffey (Music)

Karina Vazquez (Grip)

Lauren Baker (Grip)

Brandon Stoner (Grip)

Caleb Anderson (Grip)


Award Poster: