Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Unbridled


Creator: Christy McGlothlin


Genre: Feature Film


Length: 1:54


Description: Inspired by a healing ranch for troubled girls in North Carolina, “Unbridled” tells a tremendous story that exposes the atrocities of abuse, neglect and sex trafficking and the healing and redemption experienced by girls and horses who have suffered the same types of abuse.


CFF Awards:

Best Feature Film (John David Ware, Christy McGlothlin)

Best Director (John David Ware)

Best Producer (Christy McGlothlin, Jerry McGlothlin)

Best Writer (Bonné Bartron)

Best Editor (Paul Munger)

Best Actor (Eric Roberts - Roger, T.C. Stallings - Mitchell)

Best Actress (Dey Young – Karen, Tea McKay - Sarah)

Best Actor Supporting (Rusty Martin Sr. - Gerald Honor, Danny Jacques – Chief Waters) 

Best Actress Supporting (Jenn Gotzon - Felicity, Rachel Hendrix – Cassie, Lindsey Partridge – Herself, Melissa Lozoff – Pamela, Brandey Renee Brown – Ms. Bowdren)

Best Actor Teen (David Topp – Kenny)

Best Actress Teen (Tea McKay – Sarah, Dakota Lee – Brittany, Lindsley Register - Stacy, Savannah Goldsmith – Cameron, Brittany Level – Allison Sangrin, Nikko Austin Smith – Mary, Avery Arnold – Elizabeth, Julianne Cabrera – Claire, Leshay Lowery - Ambrosia, Kedreion Royal – New Unbridled Girl, Sarah Beth Short - Laura)

Best Villain (Eric Roberts – Roger)

Best Cinematography (Tim Bell, Trip Green)

Best Soundtrack (David Williams)

Best Costumes & Props (Melissa Colello)

Best Hair & Make-Up (Jennifer McCullum)

Best Artist (Sarah K. Good)

Best Movie Poster (Dylan Wade)

Best Song (Lori Barth and Ron Finn - Tomorrow, Christa Wells - Being Loved, Jibin Sebastion, Addie Cole and Krishna Raaj - Sometimes I Can’t Relate)

Best Cast (All in the Cast)

Best Animal (Dreamer Sarah’s Horse)

CFF Best Friend (David Topp – Kenny)

Best Actress Teen Fan Favorite (Tea McKay - Sarah)

Special Thanks (Rob and Joy Currey - Corral Riding Academy)


Other Awards: TBD



John David Ware (Director)

Bonné Bartron (Writer)

Christy McGlothlin (Producer)

Eric Roberts (Key Cast – Roger)

T.C. Stallings (Key Cast - Mitchell)

Tea McKay (Key Cast – Sarah)

Dey Young (Key Cast - Karen)

Jenn Gotzon (Key Cast - Felicity)

Rachel Hendrix (Key Cast - Cassie)

David Topp (Key Cast - Kenny)

Dreamer (Sarah’s Horse)

David Williams (Music)

Paul Munger (Editor)

Melissa Colello (Costumes)

Jennifer McCullum (Make-up)

Lori Barth and Ron Fiin (Song – Tomorrow)

Christa Wells (Song – Being Loved)

Jibin Sebastion, Addie Cole and Krishna Raaj (Song – Sometimes I Can’t Relate)

Rod and Joy Currey (Special thanks - Corral Riding Academy)


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