CFF Undeserved
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Undeserved


Creator Marc Steele


Genre: Feature Film


Length: 1:47


Description:  Dawn, a young woman of 18 is suddenly forced to live with her aunt and uncle after her mother is tragically killed. Soon after her arrival at her new home things go terribly wrong and she runs. Finding herself on the streets in unfamiliar territory, Dawn is easy prey and falls into a life she never expected. Her aunt goes and a search for her and with the help of a street preacher they find Dawn and introduce her to the love of God.


CFF Awards: Best Feature Film (Marc Steele), Best Director (Marc Steele), Best Producer (Rachel Meyer, Katie O’Grady, Cathy Steele Tappel), Best Writer (Marc Steele), Best Actor (Marc Steele – David), Best Actress (Emily Kimball – Dawn, Katie O’Grady – Jamie), Best Editor (John Meyer), Best Actor Supporting (Robert Blanch – Woody, Mason Brown – Connor, Ted Rooney - Mark), Best Actress Supporting (Jana Lee Hamblin – Lori, Sharae Foxie- Jeanie, Marcella Laasch – Renee, Rachel Meyer – Renee, Erin McGarry - Shana, Betty Moyer - Cheryl, Mari Ane Anderson – Janice, Lauren Crowe-Mueller - Blaire), Best Actor Teen (Mason Brown – Connor, Josh Steele – Jordan; Zach Ovall – Store Clerk, Riley Keating – Café Patron, Names TBD – all other Teen Actors), Best Actress Teen (Bethany Jacobs – Janelle, Sophie Gilberson – Connie, Natelie Shershow – Doreen, Sydney Winbush – Kathy, Names TBD – all Teen Actresses), Best Actor Child (Names TBD – All Boys in movie), Best Actress Child (Names TBD – All girls in movie), Best Villain (Jason Glick – Willem, Adam Elliot Davis – Basti), Best Villainess (Patricia Ferguson – Lori, Chelsey Rae – Carrie), Best Costumes & Props (Diana Kirkpatrick), Best Hair & Make-up (Carrie Strahle), Best Performance (Liz Vice – There is a Light; Michaela Steele – Softly and Tenderly), Best Salvation Message (Sjarae Foxie – Jeanie the Actress who shared Gospel with Dawn, Brenton Montgomery - Tim the Actor who shared Gospel with David), Best Movie Poster (Marc Steele, Kevin Reynolds), Best Cast (Mari Ane Anderson, Robert Blanche, Mason Treviño Brown, Lauren Crowe-Mueller, Adam Elliot Davis, Patricia Ferguson, Randy Field, Sharae Foxie, Sophie Giberson, Jason Glick, Jana Lee Hamblin, Chris Ihlenfeldt, Bethany Jacobs, Ryan Joiner, David Kamens, Riley Keating, Emily Kimball, Rob Kimmelman, Marcella Laasch, Erin McGarry, Jon Meyer, Rachel Meyer, Brenton Montgomery, Betty Moyer, Katie O'Grady, Zach Ovall, Chelsey Rae, Ted Rooney, Natalie Shershow, Josh Steele, Marc Steele, Liz Vice, Sydney Winbush, Thomas Zalutko, Emily Topping, Jessica Barr, Elijah Post, Rick Sadle, Eve White, Meredith Adelaide, Carrie Stahle, Tony Fantini, Max Bernsohn, Lucas Townsend, Tirza Muelic, Jennifer Muelic, Isabelle Conolly, Renee Rose, Jennifer White, Erna Tallman, Charlie Heiserman, Cheryl Heiserman, Diana Kirkpatrick, Isaiah Hanley, Liam Krug, Jonah Kersey, Hannah Renee Gorsline, Kyle Stolz, Riley Keating, Cmeron keating, Kimberly Clovis, Chris Ihlenfeldt, Jessica McDonald, Debbie England, Kevin Grigsby, Mary Beaudet, Teresa Cleveland, Connor Muhl, Jessica French, Hannah Rouse, Eric Richard Rouse, Katheryne Rouse, Karen Clifton, Caleb Economides ,Dean Clifton, Sawyer Clifton, Dax Clifton, Shelby Ernst, Emily Field, Cathy Steel Tappel, Judson Threlkeld, Avery Threlkeld, Byron Hansen, Cheryl Krosley, Lana Mayo, Morgan Demetre, Marlene Dogde, Matt O’Day, Brett Baron, Sofia Taylor, Elaine Earl, Bethany Nelson, Katherine Ross, Spencer Hanley, Nick Jones, Adam Sutherland, Sierra Kelley, Carry Samsel, Lauren Chikamoto, Erik Peterson, Brandon Emeory Thomas, Emanuel Jarmon, David Sherman, Bekah Shaw, Jaquelyn Micalau, Dianda Gotti, Peyton Meyers, Bella Willmott, Boris Willmott, Thuy Than-Willmott, Brenda R. Forestor, Kate Smith, Leah Wagner, Anne Ruttencutter, D’Lynne Wentzel, Meredith Adelaide, Rachel Meyer, Jon Meyer, Tim Kahn), Best Director Fan Favorite (Marc Steele), Best Actor Fan Favorite (Marc Steele – David), Best Actress Fan Favorite (Katie O’Grady – Jamie), Best Actor Teen Fan Favorite (Mason Brown – Connor), and Best Actress Teen Fan Favorite (Emily Kimball – Dawn)!




Other Awards: TBD



Marc Steele (Director, Writer)

Katie O'Grady Field (Producer)

Emily Kimball (Key Cast)

Katie O'Grady (Key Cast)!


Award Poster: