Voice of the Dead
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Voice of the Dead


Creator: David Criswell


Genre: Short Film


Length: 17:23


Description:  A man who was convicted of a murder he did not commit awaits his execution when a new prisoner enters the cell next to him. In the course of conversation, the man in the new cell claims to be the man he murdered!


CFF Awards: ‘Best Short Film’ ‘Best Director’ for David Criswell, ‘Best Actor’ for Sunny Virmani who plays Rashid, ‘Best Actor Supporting’ for Rani Espanioly who plays Jesus, Paul Bixler who plays the Priest, and Dr. D. who plays the Prison Guard, ‘Best Costumes and Props’, ‘Best Hair and Make-Up’, ‘Best Song’ for Dalton Divakaran who wrote and performed ‘Come Through’ for the movie, ‘Best Movie Fan Favorite’, ‘Best Director Fan Favorite’ for David Criswell, and ‘Best Writer Fan Favorite’ for David Criswell, and finally ‘Best Actor Fan Favorite’ for Sunny Virmani who plays Rashid!




Other Awards: TBD



David Criswell (Director, Writer, Producer)

Sunny Virmani (Key Cast - Rashid)

Rani Espanioly (Key Cast - The Dead Man)

Paul Bixler (Cast - The Priest)

Dr. D. (Cast - The Prison Guard)


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