Walk on Water: Family Reunion
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Walk on Water: Family Reunion


Creator: Rich Nation


Genre: Feature Film


Length: 1:43


Description: In this drama/comedy, Lilly lands a job filing court documents for MacKenzie, her friend from the past, only to discover traumatic details about her own childhood that she must now confront. Meanwhile, MacKenzie must confront her own family as her brother who's a fugitive of justice pressures her to keep silent about him. As they look to one another for comfort, both women are forced to come to terms with who they really are spiritually and whether or not they can forgive family members for what they've done to them.


CFF Awards: 'Best Movie Fan Favorite', 'Best Director Fan Favorite' for Rich Nation, 'Best Producer Fan Favorite' for Debra Flinn, 'Best Actor Fan Favorite' for Dustin Dailey as Wake, 'Best Actress Fan Favorite' for Brianne Blowers as Lilly, 'Best Actor Supporting Fan Favorite' for both Jorge Diaz as Aaron and Caleb Goldberg as Daniel, 'Best Actress Supporting Fan Favorite' for Peaches Brown as McKenzie, 'Best Villain' for Kibwe Dorsey as Lenny, 'Best Song' for "Everything in a Different Light" by Jennifer Hart, 'Best Salvation Message' for Briane Blowers and Peaches Brown, and finally the CFF 'Friend Award' for Dustin Dailey as Wake


Other Awards: TBD



Rich Nation (Director, Writer, Producer)

Brianne Blowers  (Key Cast - Lilly)

Peaches Brown (Key Cast – MacKenzie)

Dustin Dailey (Key Cast - Wake)

Kibwe Dorsey (Key Cast - Lenny)

Jorge Diaz (Key Cast – Aaron)

Caleb Godlberg (Key Cast – Daniel)

Peter Lang  (Key cast – Theo)

Tim Waters (Music)

Jennifer Hart (Song – A Different Light)

Angel Lanham (Song – Breathe)

Bobbi Hill  (Casting Director)

Alyse Merritt (Casting Director)


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