Wings of a Dove
Christian Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Wings of a Dove

Creator: Jerry Thompson Jr

Genre: Documentary

Run time: 38:45

Description: An award winning documentary which shows the importance of fathers, family, faith, and friends, as it recounts the story of a great American family, the Thompson's, and their Patriarch Elbert Dove Thompson, as they struggle with poverty and war to not only survive but thrive!  

CFF Awards:Best Documentary, Best Father Award (Elbert Dove Thompson), Best Family Award (The Thompson's), Best Friend Award (Billy Swain).

Other Awards:


Jerry Thompson Jr (Writer, Director)

Big Dog Films (Producer)

Billy Swain (Key Cast and Jerry's friend)

Leona Willett (Key Cast and Elbert Dove's Daughter)

Jerry Thompson (Key Cast and Elbert Dove's Son)

Kirsten Thompson (Key Cast)

J Tyler Thompson (Key Cast)

Shawn Culp (Key Cast)

Gabriel Farmer (Narrator)

Toni Thompson (Interviews)

Chris Ward (Graphic Design)

Kristy Edwards (Graphic Design)

Award Picture: